Monday, January 31, 2011

movie: Devil

I am typing this in the middle of an ice storm! Seriously, right at this very moment, I hear a sound like rice krispies are raining down on my house. Everything is receiving a coat of ice. I will take try to take some pictures tomorrow if my door isn’t frozen shut.

This weekend movie selection was Devil. It's a Shyamalan flick about five people who become trapped in an elevator and bad things happen.

The story begins with a suicide that coincides of the devil's arrival in town. There is a narrator in the first few minutes who informs us of that fun fact and also that the devil walks as one of us during these little visits.

Three men and two women get on an elevator in an office building, and the elevator stops. They’re confined to a small space with strangers and annoying music. Sounds fun, right? Then the lights go out, and very bad things happen.

The movie doesn't all take place in the elevator. I worried that the movie would consist of only elevator shots but it didn't.

The characters working to free the trapped people were just as compelling as the others. We have security guards, a maintenance man and the primary cop, Detective Bowden, who is called in after the devil takes out his first victim. Bowden has trouble dealing with the fact that the business in the elevator is supernatural in origin.

Devil has just the right amount of quiet tension to be scary but not boring. This movie had a good pace and was really entertaining. It keeps you guessing as to which person the devil is posing as. I guessed wrong, in case you wondered. The husband guessed correctly.

Devil gets an A.
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