Tuesday, January 25, 2011

only part of what I had to say

I've been reading over the first 40 pages of the second AnnaBeth book. That's my current lunch break project. I can tell already that I don't have enough distance (time away from the book) to do any really significant rewrites or edits. I'm still entirely too close to it, despite the fact that I started writing last October. I can't believe it's been so long.

I wrote the rough draft of the first book in three months. I can't do that this time because I have other projects going on. Basically, I'm not balls out writing right now. Part of me misses the less attention deficient times, but I know I'll get back to that by the end of next month, so, no big deal. Then I can bury my head in words again like a good book nerd.

What I have been able to do in this round of reading was get my bearings a bit and fill in some gaps. In a first draft, I have a tendency to skip parts of the story. Sometimes I do it intentionally because I'm eager to get to a different part. Other times, I really have no idea it happened until I go back and read through. It's sort of odd, like a brain hiccup.

I had planned to make an annoucement about the novella today, but I'm having some technical difficulties. I will try to resolve them by tomorrow.

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