Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I really piss myself off sometimes

What is up.

Let us talk about the importance of keeping files in order and backed up.

I lost some of my writing, part of the second AnnaBeth book. It was a section near the beginning that included a conversation that helped to launch a primary part of the plot and another short scene that wasn't as important but still meaningful to the story.

I sometimes write on a pda (personal digital assistant, not public display of affection), an Ipaq, for portability reasons and then later I transfer to the files to my laptop. At some point, I missed one. I can't imagine that I would have deleted it (I try to keep everything), so I'm still searching folders and usb backup drives, etc.

I really hope I find it. I can't really write the same thing twice. I mean, I can go back and try to work through it again, but it will never be exactly the same as the first time I wrote it and that is a very frustrating thought for me. Now I'm all nervous and bothered and generally irritated with myself.

So here's the moral of the story, which I knew from the beginning.

Always pay attention and back up files like an OCD computer nerd.

Apparently the universe thought I needed a reminder.

Also, I read about this website –

It gives a psychological profile based on your tweets.

Here is a link to mine -

I’m not sure if that link will work for you all out there in internetland, so here are some highlights.

I tweet about learning 202% more than the average tweeter, which means I really like to learn stuff.

I tweet Self References 120% more than the average user. Hmmm…that means I’m sort of self-centered. LOL! In my defense, I’m not a social creature, so really, who else am I talking about? People I don’t know?

I tweet negative thoughts 88% more than the average user. Sounds about right.

There’s a whole list of stuff on there. I won’t go through it all. However there is one more stat that I will share.

I tweet about money -59% less than the average user.

That's all for now. I will probably post something about American Gods tomorrow.
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