Friday, January 7, 2011

In which I unintentionally emasculated a male model

The snow has returned. Seeing the ground, if only for a short while, was quite nice. But now the branches are icy and the grass is covered yet again. Such is life.

On to other things.

Zazzle is a website that I have a few t-shirt designs and such on. It lets you choose which model your design is displayed on.

Apparently, at some point, I put a very feminine hummingbird t-shirt on a manly man. LOL!!

Here's a screenshot for your viewing enjoyment.

So sorry, model man. I will fix that once I stop being amused by it.

This apparently happened with a couple other designs too. I’m not sure what the deal is. I distinctly remember choosing female models and shirt types.

I'm working on a spring/summer 2011 collection, and that site will get a complete makeover, probably in March. I thought the collection thing would be a fun project and it is, so far.

I still have the illustration gallery on DeviantArt. I plan to keep the illustrations there and the apparel on Zazzle. Fear not. There is method to the madness.

Today I was looking at an ebook site - as a potential place to sell some writing. I searched my name and I was already there! They must pull from the Smashwords catalog. My freebies aren't listed though, which I thought was strange. I am guessing they are on the Amazon big publisher favortism plan.

But I do love Amazon. Smooches!

Anywayz, I head into the weekend with multiple drawing projects, as per usual and as per usual, I'll probably only finish 1/3 of what I would like to.

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