Monday, January 17, 2011

stuff done did and stuff am doin'

LOL, that is probably the worst blog post title of all time.

What a totally kick ass weekend. The stars aligned in just the right way and I got even more quiet time than I imagined possible. The kids were gone for a while. The husband wasn't bugging me too awfully much.

I got to do things like organize my thoughts, my recliner office and my closet! And I spent quality time with Moo (Max).

I also played some video games and drew some things.

I wouldn't want so much me time every weekend, of course, but I really needed it. I don't think I realized that before the weekend started.

Anyway, one of the projects was working out the logistics of book trailer creation.

I started by looking for music. There are plenty of websites that offer free music for download. You won't find the top 40 stuff, but the selection seems to be pretty good.

Here is one that I found in case you want some free music.

Most of them don't allow for commercial use of their music. That's a problem because I am pretty sure that a book trailer is considered commercial use.

I am looking for some software that might enable me to create my own music. That's sort of a scary thought because I'm not musically all. The book trailer may be a silent film.

I also looked at Windows Movie Maker because I previously read somewhere that you can use it to create book trailers. Holy crap that program looks complicated. I guess I expected it to be sort of like Power Point, where you can just type stuff in and make words and images pop up wherever or whenever.

From what I can tell, that's not how Movie Maker works. It seems to want me to import premade video and audio, which I don't have right now, unless you count videos of my children. I love my babies dearly, but the novella has nothing to do with them.

Next I remembered the shiny, new version of Office we recently acquired, and I wondered if I could slap together a little something on that.

Lo and behold, if you have Office 7, you can use Power Point to create a WMV file, which should be compatible with youtube.

Cue creative commons commercially licensed epiphany music.

So now I'm working on storyboards and figuring out what the hell to do about the music problem.

Please let me know if anyone out there has any musical sorts of ideas. I'm looking for instrumental, probably about 45 seconds to maybe a minute, somewhat dramatic (but not overly) either piano music or electronica, or possible alternative sort of rock. I would be happy to give music credit at the end of the trailer. Lea-Ryan at hotmail.

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