Wednesday, January 19, 2011

typo, drawing, music and crayons

Snowpocalypse! A snow storm is supposedly moving in. Imagine my utter delight! Ah well, at least I will probably get to sleep in.

What is up? The husband found a typo in MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth. These things happen. I've found typos in traditionally published books too. Wrangling 70,000+ words is tough.

I’ll probably update the ebook version but wait until he finishes reading in case he finds anything else wrong with it. As far as the print version goes, if there are several errors, I would go to the trouble of unpublishing the initial release and and putting out a revised, second edtion. Otherwise, no. I won't go through all that effort to fix one very minor error.

Regarding the novella cover art, I'm rethinking the design. I did finish it. I like the way the illustration looks, but I don't think it's right as a book cover.

I'm releasing the novella as a digital ebook only, which really limits my design area. It needs to look good as a thumbnail image, and what I've drawn is too detailed for that. I had that worry from the beginning but I plowed on for the sake of finishing what I started.

I will still use the illustration for the book trailer, so anyone who watches that will still get to see my handiwork.

This experience has definitely encouraged me to push myself harder when it comes to illustration. I'm capable of more than I sometimes think I am. I still have more to learn, but I'm progressing. That's the important thing.

As for the book trailer itself, I believe the music issue is solved! I put the question out to my people in Twitterland (my tweeps) and they came back with some great ideas. The best one came from @happarose197 with this website.

I finally finished my storyboards. That took me several days. I had trouble figuring out what sorts of images to use. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life creating graphics for a trailer for a free ebook. That doesn't sound like the best possible use of my free time.

Ooh, you have to checkout this cool thing I found. I saw the name of a color I didn't know, so I looked it up in the wikipedia. I clicked a few links and ended up on this page with Crayola crayon colors, their red-green-blue values and the hexadecimal codes for use in HTML! geekerific! There's also some history on the colors.
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