Monday, July 4, 2011


Whattup internets? I just got back from the fireworks show in my neighborhood, and it was totally kickass. We knew that someone set off fireworks down by the lake but we usually just watch them from our porch. This year, we ventured down and it was a full-on partay! I think the whole neighborhood was there with their folding chairs and beers and such.

At sunset, there were fireworks from several directions. The sun went down completely, and everyone who served in the military or had family serving in the military was asked get up. They released lanterns into the air. If you’ve seen the Disney movie Tangled, it kind of looked like the flying lanterns in that movie. I wish I had taken my camera, so I could post a picture of them.

The man who did the big fireworks show was named Bob. We know he was named Bob because the DJ kept addressing him. That’s right. We’re so fancy up in this beotch that we have a DJ for our fireworks show! We guessed that he (DJ, not Bob) was around our age due to the music selection. He played everything from Guns and Roses to JayZ to 80s.

Near the end of the show, there may have been a malfunctioning firework. The yard in which they were setting off the big ones, had some fiery action going in the wrong direction. Yikes. Husband indicated that he saw someone running. I hope that Bob is alright.

Happy Independence Day!! Thank you to everyone who served or is serving in the military.

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