Wednesday, July 6, 2011

reading, writing, and more birds

I am so creatively burnt out right now that it's ridiculous. I wrote and did some onscreen/on the fly editing on the remix project. I took a four-day weekend off the day job and spent a lot of it writing.

The end result is a brand spankin' fresh word count of 56804 words, including 2 newly completed Chelsea scenes and one more planned.

Usually when I get tired of writing, I can switch over to drawing. My brain is so fried right now that I can't even function well enough to do that. I'm on book break for the next few days so I can recharge.

I started reading a book called Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose, which is pretty darned boring. I mean like taking a 3-hour-long road trip with no radio boring.

However, the author makes good points, and I'm learning things so I feel compelled to keep going. I plan to finish the book before I go back to editing. I will persevere!

On a different note, we have birds again. On the porch. I know I said there would be no more birds on the porch.

This time, they were sneaky. They’re robins, which may or may not have anything to do with their sneakiness. They built their nest inside a hanging flower pot (bucket?), in the bushy flowers where we couldn’t see until my husband took it down to investigate a bird’s interest in that particular area.

There are five little, blue eggies. I will put up a picture once I get one. Grrrr…

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