Thursday, July 14, 2011

on this day of Thurs

Today is Thursday. Which means tomorrow is friday and we love friday, don't we? Yes, I think we do.

This week's primary book working project is reading back through the first AnnaBeth book. I mentioned that yesterday. I changed more than I thought I would, but nothing huge. I replaced a couple of words that weren't quite right, like I replaced 'podium' with 'lectern' and 'veranda' with 'patio', which I didn't really want to do because veranda is such a pretty word and I do like pretty words.

I found a couple of spots where I inadvertantly switched from past tense to present tense. There are times I did so intentionally and apparently other times where I had little writing accidents. So I fixed those.

And I removed some repetition.

And straight up typos (like Nanna getting a very brief sex change), of course. Typos gots to go.

Hopefully, I won't jinx myself by saying this, but I am currently on track to finish reading Friday night. The new, slightly tidier version of the ebook should go up this weekend in various retail outlets. Woo!

The new cover art won't be up until I relaunch the series, however.

Speaking of cover art, I have an awesome plan for the covers. I have three designs because I'm pretty sure AnnaBeth will be a trilogy. I can't wait until what I see for them in my mind is actually on a book. They are going to look amazing! By far the best covers yet.

Everything keeps getting better. This may eventually be a high class operation. lol!

And now for some birds. These are teeny tiny robins in our flower basket. They could barely hold their cute ugly little heads up to beg for food. Awwww...I regurgitated some burrito for them.

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