Wednesday, July 13, 2011

book working updates

Not everything went as planned during weekend working time. At the end of last week, I made some announcements about various things that could possibly happen with the availability of the books.

If the print edition of MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth hasn't been pulled from Amazon distribution yet, it should be shortly.

I emailed Smashwords to see if they could fix the Babylon Dragon cover image on Barnes and Noble instead of me starting the upload process all over again and having to update my 5 billion links to it. They have done it! WOO!!

I did not update the kindle store version of MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth yet. I changed more than I had planned to, so now I am reading back through the book to make sure I didn't mess anything up. I should finish that by the end of this week, I think.

And now, are you ready for some weirdness? Check this out.

I was hanging out on Amazon and came across someone selling a hard cover edition of MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth. The price is $157+.

Holy crap. I'm flattered, I guess, that anyone would think they could get $157 for one of my books. If I ever get anything beyond ever so slightly internet famous, somebody might want it.

It’s also available through lulu, somehow, even though I thought I took it down. The interior is jacked up, blank pages and such. When I tried to fix it, I got into a heated argument with lulu’s system and threw my hands up and walked away. I guess that means the lulu system won.

Anyway, if you would like a hardcover edition that has some jacked up pages but also includes the illustrations that go with the book, one is available at The price is significantly less than $157.

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