Thursday, July 21, 2011

pictures of various things

Before we get to the pics, I forgot to mention that the slightly revamped version of MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth is up in the Amazon Kindle store and it's on Smashwords. It will probably take a while for the other ebook stores to update their records.

Here we go. The first set is from a nearby park. There are some shots of a heron and dragonflies in blue, green and black, some sort of raptor bird like a falcon or whatever. The tunnel is also in the park. Trains pass over the top, not actually through the tunnel.

The plane is a crop duster that was dumping pesticides on the corn field across the way.

Broken feather on the right. Poor birdie!!!

inside the tunnel is some low quality graffiti



BLUE! and black

I like how it looks like they're playing chicken or something.

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