Thursday, July 7, 2011


I thought it would be fun to profile the animals that I live with. They’re interesting characters. I probably won’t do them all in a row.

First up. Sneaker, aka the love of Max’s life

Sneaker is my daughter’s cat. A man found her at an outdoor mall and took her to a nearby neighborhood to see if she belonged to anyone. She didn’t. One of our friends took in the kitten and started calling people in an effort to find the kitty a home. We ended up taking her. We’re suckers like that.

She has a white “C” on her back.

It would be fun to find a cat with an “A” and a cat with a “T” and take a picture of them all sitting together. We could spell “ACT” or “TAC”.

Things that Sneaker is not interested in eating – canned meat like tuna fish or chicken.

Strange things that Sneaker does eat: plastic Easter basket grass, plastic feathers, photo print paper, scotch tape and stickers

Favorite pastimes: wrestling with Max and kicking him in the face, snuggling with Max, crying in a squeaky voice for no reason, nibbling toes and fingers, talking to birds on the other side of the window.

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