Tuesday, July 12, 2011

guest post: Feed the Mind - Why Creativity Never Ends

by: Joe Douglas

Creativity is our own personal channel of mental individualism. It is what makes us enlightened, unique, and keeps us in touch with who we really are. For creative writers, it is a way of life and often times, a way of living. When that creativity begins to struggle, we struggle with it. Sometimes the harder we try to get past our creative writer’s block, the worse it will become until it has turned into a nasty doubt spewing monster.

Instead of driving yourself to the point of tears with your constant frustration over your lack of ability to formulate the magic words and phrases that once flowed easily onto paper, try to spruce your life and your mind up a bit. Give yourself a break. Everyone needs a change from time to time.

Going somewhere you’ve never been can be exhilarating to a creative mind. Try ocean kayaking, camping out in a state park or strolling alone through a part of town you’ve always wanted to explore. Do something that excites you and take pictures. While on your adventure, jot down the easy ideas or feelings that come to mind during the experience.

If you’re more of a cafĂ© and museum kind of writer, trying hanging out at either establishment for a day. Don’t put time limits or pressure on yourself. Just relax and take in the scenery and bizarre characters that float in and out of it. Cafes are a great place to people watch and catch snippets of weird and intriguing conversation. If you live in a city, restaurants boasting outdoor seating should be looked into. Observing other peoples’ interactions and mannerisms is like being a fly on the wall of the world. Just observe and jot down interesting things that float through your mind. If you’re really in a jam, jot down colors, textures, smells, sounds and feelings as you sit with your eyes closed, then try writing a page about it. Once you loosen up your creativity, it should being flowing again on its own. Happy writing-

Joe Douglas holds a B.A in Literature and currently writes for AccessRx.com, an online facilitator for Viagra online and other safe FDA-approved medications such as Cialis. Joe uses his research scientist skills to cover and uncover big pharma news he shares on the AccessRx Blog.

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