Thursday, July 28, 2011

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The prodigal dog has returned! Well actually I had to go get her. She was not eaten by a coyote and/or pups thankfully. Which is a good thing. I kind of like that dog.

This is the picture I used on the missing dog poster.

We put them up in various spots in the neighborhood and a nice lady called and said she had the dog. Zoe was tied up in her back yard and seemed quite happy to see us. I was late for work but we have the dog back. Woo!

Yesterday was kind of a weird/stressful day overall. There was the missing dog. My daughter is at band camp and didn't return any of my texts. Her phone probably died or whatever, but we are rarely completely out of contact.

Then there was an issue with another child, which I won't go into detail about, but I will say that I was peed on a little. All the drama put me off balance. I didn't really get any editing work done by the time I finished dealing with everything. Rough day.

But today is better and we move on.

Can you believe that July is almost over already? Wasn't the 4th like two days ago? No?

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