Thursday, June 30, 2011

happy happy. joy joy.

I said I wanted to finish the rough draft for the remix project by the end of June and guess what, I've more or less made it. Woo! Confetti! Balloons! 80s Madonna music and pepto bismol pink fingernails for everyone - even the boys!

Ahem, ok maybe that last part didn't make all that much sense.

Let's see where we are exactly. I should finish the epilogue this evening before I go to bed. Word count at this very moment is - 53726, which is shorter than I wanted BUT the finished product will hopefully be at least a little longer. I still have some things I want to add in and change.

I'm considering writing some scenes from Chelsea's perspective. She is the secondary character from the breakfast scene I put on the blog during my last Teaser Tuesday.

At the end in particular, the story would have some better depth if we could get a window into what she is seeing, thinking and doing. If I can get three or four really good, substantial and helpful scenes from her and not murder the pace of the story, I'll do it. She already has a pretty solid story arc all her own so I think everthing will click into place beautifully. I may work on that this weekend.

Then what, you ask? Then comes an intensive edit/rewrite and then I will put the manuscript into a drawer (figuratively speaking) and step away...far away. Because distance is essential to self-editing. When I return, I want it to feel like I'm reading something that someone else wrote. Muy importante.

In the meantime, I will not be lazing about. I will finish writing AnnaBeth 2, which I think is about 30000 words in if I remember correctly.

And hence.

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