Monday, June 20, 2011

This is not a real movie post. It is instead three almost-random items.

We didn't really do an official movie viewing this weekend. This DVD was just kind of hanging out around the house because my daughter checked it out from the library. Here’s a quick bit on it.

The Roommate

Sara (Minka Kelly) goes to college. Gets roommate named Rebecca (played by Leighton Meester) who is a little stalkery. Things get weird and ugly. This movie was like so many before it. The plot has been done to death. There wasn't much freshness. However, the acting wasn't bad, so it was tolerable to watch. C-

On to a second subject

I’m thinking about putting a short excerpt from the remix project on the blog sometime this week. There is nothing really plot-revealing (because the remix project is so very secret) but the conversation between two of the characters amuses me. Whether I post it will depend on what it looks like, as far as editing, when I go back and read it.

Ok, one more.

The weekend before this one that just past, we rode our bikes on the canal in White River State Park in downtown Indy. We really love the canal. There are great views and several waterfalls and a lot of art and some cafes, etc. Going there is almost like taking a little vacation.

There are several types of vehicles you can rent in that area like paddleboats and segways. We discovered that you can also rent a friggin’ gondola!!! How awesome is that? I took a picture of one and the guy with the oar was singing in a somewhat operatic fashion.

That's all I have for now.
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