Friday, June 3, 2011

movie: Dragon Hunters

The kids and I watched a movie called Dragon Hunters. When I saw the title on the Netflix streaming menu, it looked like a How to Train a Dragon knockoff. I decided to compare the release dates and discovered that Dragon Hunters actually came out before How to Train Your Dragon. If anything How to Train your Dragon took cues from Dragon Hunters.

Here’s the description from Amazon: “Zoe is a little girl who believes in fairy tales. In order to help her uncle Lord Arnold get rid of a terrible dragon, Zoe decides she has to find some heroes. When she meets Gwizdo and Lian-Chu, a couple of two-bit, fly-by-night dragon hunters, she decides that she s going to believe in them and set out on an adventure to bring peace to the land.”

This is one of the best kids’ movies I’ve ever seen. It is so beautiful and surreal. Their world is literally falling apart. Chunks of it float into the sky throughout the film. The characters react to the instability with more sadness than fear most of the time.

Forest Whitaker lends his great baritone voice for the calm Lian-Chu. The other characters balance Lian-Chu with their enthusiasm – Zoe with her cheerleading and Gwizdo with his direction. There are no dull moments in the story. It is funny and filled with action.

This movie is seriously amazing. I don’t know how it snuck in under my radar. A

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