Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekending and Such

I hate how slow I write. And edit. I'm seriously like 3 years out on book idea notes in various stages. I wish someone would lock me in a hotel room for like a month and deliver my food, so I could write and not have to leave for anything.

You know what I need? I need Annie Wilkes from Misery. I think she was a good motivator.

I didn't write anything this past weekend. I guess I was somehow making up for the freakishly productive weekend before that.

We went to the Black Keys concert on Friday, and that bitch was HOT. I don't mean hot like so-cool-it's-HOT way. I mean that when we got there, we had to stand in line on a city street, under the brunt of the 90+ degree evening sun for an extended period of time.

Nicole Atkins of the first opening act said it best when she commented that the weather was "hot as balls". I agree. It was hot as satan's balls on the fourth of July.

That first cold beer inside the concert venue was like Heaven.

The temperature improved significantly once the sun went down. Nicole Atkins and the Black Sea were pretty awesome. The second guy (missed the first part of his act) was a band from the 80's according to my husband. They were kind of blues-y. Really good, but I wasn't as into them.

Of course, the Black Keys rocked the hizouse. At first, it was just the two brothers - one guitar and a set of drums, a la White Stripes style. Other musician types entered the stage later when they started playing songs from Brothers.

The crowd seemed pretty economically diverse, although not ethnically diverse in the least. There were some preppy types and some not so preppy types. College kids. A few dumbass guys who looked as though they were trying to start a mosh pit, of all things. At a Black Keys show? It's not even close to that kind of music.

I think that a concert crowd should be allowed to vote to eject assholes from the venue. Yes? A little democracy? I think I would even pay a few dollars extra for that.

Also, if you plan to attend an outdoor concert at which portable toilets are utilized, I would like to offer a piece of slightly germaphobic advice. Do not wear a flowing hippie skirt. The very smallness of the interior of the portable toilet does not complement a full skirt. Unless you plan to hike your skirt up before you enter, it will likely brush against every urine soaked surface south of the equator.

I am not speaking from experience. I'm strictly a pants or shorts girl 99.9% of the time. I'm just saying...

Here is a pic from the show. The husband took this on his phone.

Today I have a link to an article about an art show of video game art. Art. I really like the idea of these artists getting more cultural cred. For people who don't play games, it's easy to overlook how brilliant they can be.


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