Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the birds have left the building

Everything seems to be slowing down a touch for Summer.

The baby birds on our porch have moved on, thank the heavens. I'm all for baby birds and live and let live and all that, but they turned out to be some rather messy tenants. They left a dead brother or sister behind, mushed into the framework of the nest, poor little thing.

The mourning dove disappeared, leaving behind two pretty pink eggies. They're gone now too. We have no more birdies in the yard, with the exception of the ones just passing through.

The kids will be off school soon, which means no more girl waking me up at 5:30am with her getting-ready sounds. She isn’t loud or anything. I just wake up mainly because someone is moving around in the house.

Let’s see where I am on the primary writing project. I planned to write a LOT this past weekend. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to because of a little bit of dumbassery on my part.

I upgraded my Windows last week from XP to 7, which apparently is a traumatic experience for a computer. You can’t really just do an “upgrade” in that case. You have to do a new installation, which nukes all your files on the desktop and pretty much any and all software that is not Windows related.

I backed up everything…almost. I backed up some cover art images for the remix project (horror novel), which triggered this idea in my mushy brain that I had backed up the book itself. Alas.

At first, I thought I lost 66 pages of hard copy edit transfers. That is about 3 weeks’ worth of pain in my ass evening work. When I checked my backup file (an older one), I figured out that I actually only lost about 16 pages. Still, I spent most of my holiday weekend redoing changes. Not fun!

I did eventually get back to writing. Current word count is – 38558.

I like how everything is coming together. I’m confident that the finished product is going to be the best thing I’ve written yet.

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