Tuesday, June 7, 2011

movie: Drive Angry

Hellloooo! I'm so sorry to be away yesterday. I spent the entire evening figuring out how to and rooting my husband's Nook. It worked out reasonably well. No innocent electronics were killed or maimed.

We watched Drive Angry this weekend. A guy named Milton (played by King of Bad Hair, Nicolas Cage) returns from Hell to hunt down the satanic cult that murdered his daughter and kidnapped his baby granddaughter to use as a sacrifice to the devil.

In need of a ride, he finds Piper (Amber Heard) at a diner. She happens to be driving a badass '69 Charger. They get into some drama with her boyfriend and take off together.

A complication to the granddaughter retrieval mission is a man who calls himself the Accountant (William Fichtner!!). He is pursuing Milton (Cage) to take him back to Hell because, well, Hell's management doesn't really like it when the kiddies go wandering.

Fichtner's portrayal of The Accountant is the best part of this movie. You might remember him from Drowning Mona or more likely from Prison Break. The Accountant character is somehow serious and hilarious at the same time. He does the wildest, weirdest, cruelest things with this forever calm demeanor.

Drive Angry has a few cringe-worthy gore moments, some of them pretty darn cheesy. There's a lot of gunplay and sex and of course, abuse of the '69 Charger. The movie was entertaining. It gets a B-.

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