Friday, June 10, 2011

Playstation Apologies

A short while back, I complained about the Playstation Network being down. It didn't function for quite a while, which was a bit frustrating. I’m not a premium member. I use the free access, so really what did I have to complain about? Hey, give me my free thing back? How does that sound?

Anyway, so the network appears to be completely back up. I had to change my password, which I finally did.

Sony sent an email a week or so ago with some apology gifts and wow, what they are offering is far more than I would have expected.

We get 100 free items on Playstation home. That’s their online community of gamers. You walk around and play games and talk to people and you have a house in which you can place furniture, etc. It’s pretty cool. The free items were clothes and some furniture and a couple of houses.

We also got two free games to download from the Playstation store, like actual full-length games. There are four to choose from. I haven’t gotten mine yet because I’m having a serious harddrive space problem. I need to upgrade my hard drive within the next couple of weeks or I am going to miss out.

Two free PSP games, also downloads. I don’t have a PSP but we were thinking about getting the boy one for his birthday. I would assume there is some way to transfer the games from Playstation to PSP.

30 days premium membership. I haven’t really played around with this too much. I know you can download game demos, which I can’t do, also due to hard drive problems.
Really, I didn’t expect Sony to do much of anything. This offer is so above and beyond. The sad thing is, it won’t be good enough for some people. Such is life and the way of our world.

Hey guess what! I’m going to a Black Keys concert tonight! WOO! It is outdoors. Hopefully I won’t have to dodge any bolts of lightning.

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