Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goodbye Mad Love

I read the other day that Mad Love was canceled, which sucks because I was starting to like it. Story-wise, I think it had some trouble from the get-go.

The story started out with an over the top love at first sight romance. They were all like - I know I just saw you for the first time like five seconds ago but I'm completely in love with you. And they stayed up all night just talking and blah blah blah, please make the cutesy stop before I vomit. There wasn't even any sort of passion between them.

Honestly, the only reason I didn't change the channel was because I watch whatever the heck comes on before it and I didn't have anything else to watch.

I blame the writers. Perfection is boring and fake. It doesn't exist in real life.

Their best friends who fought all the time were more interesting and would've made better main characters. Why? Because there was conflict that would have evolved into a romantic relationship. They were witty and had this sort of playground crush dynamic going on.

The story got better with each episode. However, that doesn't really help them now that the show was canceled. I wish Mad Love had another season or two to really find its footing. Oh well...c'est la vie.

Did anyone else watch it?
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