Monday, May 16, 2011

movie: Jackass 3D

So we watched Jackass 3D this weekend, which wasn't actually 3D because it was on a regular DVD on a regular television and there were no glasses involved.

What can one say about Jackass? The boys do what they do best - dumbass and sometimes disgusting stunts. There were various vehicles ramped, some snakes, a jet engine used for activities that did not include actually flying around in a jet, and a midget bar brawl among other things. There was a substantial amount of male genitalia on display - both real and plastic and also several bodily fluids.

If you appreciate Jackass for what it is, then you would probably like this movie. God help me, I do. My only complaint was that Jackass 3D reached epic proportions of disgusting. A few of the bits were downright gag-inducing. They went so very far that I question whether what they did was real. The movie was alright. C+

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