Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Now we Tuesday

And now, we shall Tuesday.

If I get one more fricking weather alert on my phone, I'm going to egg the news station. I signed up for these text message alerts so that I know when there's a chance that a tornado could take out my house. Unfortunately, they take this weather alert busines really, really, psychotically over top.

A cloud appears in the sky. See the pretty cloud? Cue 8 hour long relentless barrage of alerts and warnings and lists of counties. RUN! The sky is falling!

Then, if that wasn't enough to drive me up the wall, I have the weatherbug app doing the same thing. The red light on my phone gets a workout like a mofo.

I need to unsubscribe to the texts, I know. I just haven't done it yet. That would probably be easier, faster and more effective than driving all the way downtown to egg the TV station.

Anyway, current book working schedule goes like this - day job lunch breaks - edit remix project on paper, evening – blog, then enter paper edits into the computer (probably one of my least favorite activities of all time), when I don't feel like editing - think about second edition annabeth or write a few words of annabeth second book. As always, too much to do, not enough time. Story of my life.

We have baby birds on our front porch this year. Over the winter, we accidentally broke the glass on the front porch carriage light, and before we could replace it, birdies moved in. We let them stay. I'm not really sure what kind of birds they are, probably either sparrows or finches.

Here is a pic.

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