Monday, September 6, 2010

wanna hear it, here it go

I finally finished the illustrations for the special edition of MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth. Thank God. I love to draw, but when doing so begins to feel like a chore, I want OUT! There are seven illustrations in all, I think, if you count the fancy scene separators. They aren’t evenly distributed throughout the book. Most of them are toward the beginning.

Even if you don’t plan to get the illustrated version (on lulu), you can still check out the illustrations. I am planning to set up a slideshow on my website during release week.

What else? Oh yes, I realized this weekend that I accidentally named a character in the short story Amy (free on smashwords) the same name as a character in MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth, which was really very unintentional. The name is ‘Kevin’.

I stuck the name in the short story as a placeholder because I hadn’t decided on a name. I just used ‘Kevin’ because it was the first name that popped in my head. I planned to change it later, but didn’t. So now when the book comes out, it will probably look like I have some weird obsession with the name ‘Kevin’. I don’t, by the way.

I did manage to take a day completely away from book activities! That is crazy. This is usually a seven day a week operation for me, and no, I’m not exaggerating. Husband and I went with a couple of friends to a band party in the country. The party was totally awesome! There was food and drinking and music and people dancing.

It brought back memories of hanging out at a friend’s farm when I was a teenager. It also made me remember why partying in the country is the best. Every one else is so far away. You can be as loud and obnoxious as you want! Very nice!

So ends my wonderfully long weekend.

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