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Link to the interview plus Kalifornia

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Ok, I've been holding off on reviewing this movie for a few days due to book working and such. But here we are for some business as usual.

The movie Kalifornia came out in the year 1993 I'm not really sure how we missed this one when it was first released because given the look and the stars, it was/is right up our alley.

Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis, David Duchovny, and Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro from Star Trek). David Duchovny looks SO YOUNG. The rest of them pretty much look the same as they do now.

The plot is thus. Early Grayce (Brad Pitt) is a crazy redneck who goes on a killing spree. Adele (Juliette Lewis) is his adoring (and possibly slightly retarded) girlfriend. David Duchovny plays Brian - a writer who is researching serial killers for a novel. Michelle Forbes is his avant garde photographer girlfriend - Carrie. The four of them embark on a journey to California by car. They travel together for financial reasons.

The movie is very well done, sort of artsy but not over the top or annoying. There is a huge difference between the Early and Adele characters. She is sunshine with a dash of sadness. He's crazy on trashy, but he loves her in his own messed up way.

The other couple seems more compatible. They're both uppity types, definitely not as interesting as Early and Adele.

I don't really buy Brad Pitt as a killer. His acting is fine but he's just too darn cute to play repulsive or scary. I'm not saying he did a bad job. He was fine. It's just that, I think people expect their movie killers to look a certain way and that way is not like Brad Pitt. No matter how you try to dirty him up, he's still too pretty to pull off certain types of roles.

Nonetheless, the movie was good. It gets an A-.

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