Wednesday, September 29, 2010

indie review - Everafter Acres, by Carolyn Kephart

Set in medieval times, the short story Everafter Acres is about a discontented princess. Her knight/husband has rescued her umteen thousand times (rescues symbolize sex in this particular story, I think), and she's bored with that whole dynamic.

Likewise, she's tired of the castle neighborhood (which is essentially a subdivision), and her social obligations seem tedious. She leaves home to seek help from the local wise woman.

The story was well written and edited, with the exception of a slight overuse of the word 'vernacular'. The author does an excellent job of keeping the speech and details consistent with the time period.

The only major issue I had with this story was that there was a lack of resolution. There was action; there was conflict. Resolution? Not so much. The conclusion was more of a temporary alleviation of the boredom than an actual conclusion.

If you would like to read the story yourself, it can be found at the link below. The story was free when I downloaded it, but now costs $1.

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