Friday, September 17, 2010

Barnes and Noble ebooks

Barnes and Noble pulls their ebook titles from Smashwords, which is an ebook website that I currently publish on and love.

I publish on Amazon Kindle too.

Both are fine, but Smashwords has certain freedoms that Amazon does not.

For instance, anyone can post free content on Smashwords. Amazon Kindle does not let just anyone post a freebie. They reserve that right/privledge for special publishers. Oh yes, they do. Why?

My theory is that their focus is propping up the publishing man, or more likely, publishers pay them to host the free content to boost the sales rank of their titles. In Amazon's defense, I'm sure they make more money from those big publishing houses than they do from me, so I won't hate on them.

Since Barnes and Noble pulls content from Smashwords, that means the content is still free once it hits their website.

This is the first free short story I posted on Smashwords. It was accepted into the premium catalog and then posted to Barnes and Noble's website.
Boo yah. Freebie on the website of a national chain bookstore.

That's all I have for now. Have an enjoyable weekend. Next week - announcement September indie review title, the release of the illustrated version of MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth, and a link to another interview of moi. Also, a possible author website makeover.
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