Monday, September 27, 2010

random monday updates

This weekend was pretty cool. Let's review.

I got to hang out with my babies, my husband and my cat, all of whom I love so very much. The dog and the other cat are alright too.

I helped with deck building activities and used a drill. I was going to use the circular saw too but when I pushed the button, it wouldn't go. I then developed a fear of what other unpredictable behavior the saw was capable of. Therefore, I did not saw.

Novella writing status as of friday - 7000+ words of probably around 15000. Still planned as ebook freebie and not free (but cheap) print edition.

Writing count for the weekend - zero words. That is a very good thing because that means that my brain had some time to recover from the writing workaholic schedule I put upon it. Brain is ready to go for the week.

Music awesomeness. I set up the ps3 to play my pandora radio stations through the surround sound. That's right. I am a genius!

Also scored two new-to-me electronica CDs, one by the crystal method and the other by daft punk.

Set up the digital gallery. For some insane reason, my life feels incomplete without a gallery. I guess I just draw things, and then I feel compelled to do something with them. I didn't add any photographs this time.

There isn't much there yet, but here is the link.

Most of it is older stuff, but new illustrations and so forth are also in the works. I have this really cool elk skull graphic that I can't wait to slap up on there.

I think that's all I have for this short round of updates.

This week - date night (movie), urban hermit (book), september indie review (more book) and maybe an illustration (not book).

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