Monday, September 13, 2010

ohh la la, party time!

The novel is OUT! MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth is on sale at Amazon and Smashwords.

Here be the amazon link.

Buy it, yo. That shiz is off the heezy fo sheezy.

But you want freebies, you say? Then freebies you shall have, my pretties. Free short stories, coupon codes, and other fun things are up on ye olde website -

Also, I'm holding a drawing for a free signed copy of the book. The entry form is on the website too, assuming I set it up correctly.

What is on the agenda for this week? The interview with Sue of is scheduled for Wednesday, 9/15. Never fear, I will remind here on the blog and on the Twitter as well.

I think I'm writing a guest post for Miscellaneous Moments. That might be Friday.

That's all for now. Thank you to all of the totally awesome people who support what I do.

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