Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am not Ozzy

I really love the book I Am Ozzy. Seriously, reading it almost cut in on my manuscript editing time. I could barely put the thing down.

There are some pretty wild stories in there, as you can probably imagine. I won't divulge too much in case someone reading this plans to read the book in the near future.

But I will say a few things:

Ozzy was not always a fan of animals. Some of what he described in the book was difficult to read. One of his first jobs was killing animals in a slaughterhouse, so maybe that skewed his perspective a little.

He has a lot of regrets, not just about the animals, and he lays them all out on the table. He views his past with the eyes of someone much older and wiser. This book, I think, shows who he really is. He has a much more normal mindset than one might think.

Sharon Osborne is a fricking genius when it comes to business, and Ozzy would not be where he is today without her. Black Sabbath was in the picture before she was, but I’m pretty sure Ozzy would have already faded into obscurity or oblivion without her skills.

That being said, I decided the book could have been improved by adding a British slang glossary. For your reference, I have compiled a brief list of some translations.

Chin - to punch someone in the face
Bog - bathroom
Arse - ass
Bollocks - testicles, but also nonsense
Nick - to steal, also jail
Slash – urination as in, taking a slash
Dodgy - suspicious or unstable
Legging it – running away
Neck - drink or chug?
Knackered - drunk
Sozzled - drunk
Pissed - drunk
Legless - so drunk you can't walk

the end

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