Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blockbuster brings back late fees

Apparently, Blockbuster reinstituted late fees on March 1st. I figured that might happen eventually.

I don’t think that was a good move on their part. Bringing the late fees back is an act of desperation and it’s not going to save their business. Also not a good move on their part is charging the late fees to whatever debit card you gave them when you opened your account. That is going to alienate customers like me who don’t really want businesses messing with the checking account. Paws off, please.

What Blockbuster lacks is innovation. When you look at their competition like Netflix and Red Box, what you see are new ways of doing things. Those two companies took the movie rental concept and they changed the experience. They made movie rental more customer friendly. Blockbuster is left behind to play catch up and they’re not really doing all that good of a job.

I don’t visit Blockbuster very often, but I don’t want them to fail either. I like having their brick and mortar stores as an option. I like that they sell used video games cheaper than GameStop.

Blockbuster needs to come up with a new idea. They need to stop trying to follow and start leading if they want to survive. And they need to stop charging $5 to rent a movie. That shiz is ridiculous.

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