Monday, April 19, 2010

What I Miss About My Childhood

10. The fact that I wasn't subject to the whims of the corporate man.
9. The ability to swim laps in a quarter mile pool without dropping dead of a heart attack.
8. Sliding down the basement stairs.
7. Video games for hours and hours without having to attend to any grownup type duties.
6. Being one of only two major focuses of my parents' Christmas shopping.
5. Invincibility, except for those pesky occasional knee dislocations.
4. Summers in which my only responsibilities included having fun and keeping my little brother from dying while my parents were at work.
3. No worry about bills or how I would support my dependents if I lost my job.
2. Eating mass amounts of candy without concern for caloric intake and not gaining an ounce.
1. The option to punch the annoying asshole next to me without fear of arrest or prosecution.

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  1. I like #1. If I had a list, it would mention the option to defend myself adequately against some annoying low-class girl with the only threat being the possibility that her equally low-class mother might show up and say "I'm going back to get my gun."


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