Monday, April 26, 2010

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Currently reading: I Am Ozzy

I accomplished a lot more than I thought I would this weekend. I think I made it through three or four chapters of transferring on-paper changes to the witch book into the computer. I highly do not recommend editing 18 chapters on paper at once and then entering them manually. I have a stack of paper covered in my chicken scratches. One chapter at a time is much easier, I think. But, only two or three chapters left! Yay! An October release is so very possible. Maybe even September if I want to attempt to get on the radar before October.

I'm very glad to be finishing the witch book project. I love the book very much, but I've felt this pull to get back to drawing lately. I have a book full of sketches that I'm starting to feel obligated to use for something or another.

Other subjects.

Found: black nail polish with tiny glitters
Searching for: black nail polish with large glitters

Also found: suitable sunstitute for Urban Decay's disgustingly overpriced Rocket Pocket lip gloss. It is Hard Candy Plexi gloss - similarly shaped packing, tastes like frosting, stays on forever, has color, $5. Sold.

This week, probably tomorrow, I plan to finish I Am Ozzy and post something in the blog about it.

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