Thursday, April 8, 2010

The First Second Life Post

The simplest way I can effectively describe Second Life is to say that it’s a virtual, online world to which users from all over the world contribute. I hang out there sometimes, not as often lately due to book working. I thought I would share some of my pictures and such.

The first picture in the strip below is my avatar. Yes, she is much hotter than me but hey, what fun is an avatar if she isn’t hot, right? HA! And I really never set out for her to look Latino but that’s where we ended up, so there you have it.

I’ve seen some crazy stuff on Second Life. I’ve seen a cake store. Don’t ask me what good a virtual cake is. I guess it makes a pretty decoration. I’ve seen a store that sells, um, male organs. I won’t put a picture of that on here because it’s pretty graphic, obviously. Ironically enough, those two stores were pretty close to one another.

I’ve wandered Wonderland, hiked forests, been to a recreation of the Sistine Chapel, visited art galleries, all without leaving my recliner office. One of my favorite things to do in Second Life is hang out on a beach. In the dead of February, in Indiana, I need a beach, even if it’s just a virtual one.

The three pictures under the portrait in my little strip here are: a creepy carousel, a stream through a forest with moon beams, and one of those aforementioned virtual beaches. I apologize for the small size. Get out your magnifying glasses, old timers.

There is more to Second Life than what I take advantage of. There are role playing games, clubs, concerts and various naughty activities, none of which I have participated in. People have relationships in Second Life. You can get married or get a job, buy some virtual real estate. It’s pretty cool.

That’s all for now.

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  1. Latina? I think the hair makes her appear maybe the complexion of Halle. Either way, a really attractive avatar.


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