Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alice in Wonderland + Tim Burton = awesome!

I finally saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend. I. Loved. It.

My husband hesitated to see it because he'd read a couple of not so positive reviews. He actually suggested that we see something else.

Something else? I've been waiting for this movie since last year. I proceeded to ask him if he had ever seen a Tim Burton movie that he didn't like. Of course he said no, because Tim Burton is a flippin’ genius.

Alice in Wonderland is exactly what I expected it to be. Beautiful, dark, well-acted. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of that movie.

I will say that, other than Alice's plummet down the rabbit hole, the 3D didn't do a whole lot for this movie. There was very little ooh and aah when it came to that. I would have enjoyed the movie equally in a 2D format.

Maybe reviewers should make that part of their review process. Given the recent price hike, I might like to know if the movie is worth my paying an extra $2.50 per ticket to see the 3D version.


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