Friday, March 5, 2010

I see sunshine!!!!

Ok, the title of the blog really has nothing to do with the entry. I just couldn't contain my excitement.

In truth, I am a bit sad today. I live near a town called Pendleton which has a little downtown village of antique shops and stores selling country style decor. There are also a couple of salons and a coffee place. And a store that sells used books called Word for Word.

Word for Word is closing. I drove by this morning and there was a sign in the window. I didn't shop there on a regular basis but I really liked it the few times I visited. I loved the smell of old books, the creak of the floor, the abstract art they sold. I'll miss hearing the music played on the record player, seeing the store cat hanging out, the glass case with the really cool antique books inside.

A lot of stores in Pendleton don't make it. They close within a few years of opening. I don't know if the rent is too high or if the problem is a lack of foot traffic or what. I had hoped this store would make it. Word for Word really added character to that little downtown.

I'm sorry I didn't shop there more than I did. I will miss you, Word for Word.

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