Friday, March 19, 2010

What is the difference between goth and emo?

My daughter recently asked me what was the difference between goth and emo. I came up with some lame answer about emo being more like poetry and that goth was more badass. LOL, like those guys dressing like Brandon Lee in The Crow at my high school were anything but posers.

I thought it was an interesting question and I've wondered about the same thing. I thought I would take a few minutes from what I was actually supposed to be doing to research the two subcultures.

Goth came first, way first! According to the wikipedia, the Goths were an East Germanic tribe in the middle ages. Clearly not the goths I'm looking for.

Modern goths got their start in the UK in the 70's. As with many subcultures, it began with music. Goth rock is an offshoot of punk and alternative. Keyboard and depressing lyrics are featured. Hence, sad boy pale faces and dark eyeliner to smear when one is overcome with emotion. As you may have noticed goth evolved into more than music. Goth has become style coupled with darkness. We have goth fashion, goth artwork, movies with goth sensibilities, a la Tim Burton. Everything is not rainbows and unicorns. We have goth rock to thank.

Emo got its start in music too, only a bit later than goth, the 80's. Like goth rock, emo evolved from punk into a mix of pop and indie. It really broke into the main stream recently though.

To me, emo seems like a wussified version of goth. Like goth rock, there are feelings, but emo music seems more whiney than dark. Think less Trent Reznor and more Good Charlotte. Emo fashion is skinny jeans and tight t-shirt, girlie hair on guys, and a dash of goth influence. I see guys like this at the mall. Apparently they aren't too depressed to shop.

There you have it. I guess the biggest difference is that emo is more pop culture than goth. The music is more mainstream and the clothes are hipper. But all involved cherish their broken hearts and their feelings.

We can now, officially, move on with life. Wasn't I supposed to be editing something?

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