Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen = AWESOME!!!!

This weekend's movie selection was Law Abiding Citizen.

This movie stars Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx and it's about a man who loses his wife and daughter to a couple of criminals who break in his house. Due to legal technicalities, the worse of the two criminals gets off with only three years in jail. The victim subsequently goes apeshit on everyone who he feels wronged him.

I'm not usually into action flicks but this movie kicked major ass. It's one of those stories in which you aren't sure who to root for. The good guys are a little inadequate at first and the bad guy is oh so justified.

It was kind of weird seeing Jamie Foxxx in such a serious role. Back in the days of In Living Color (one of my all time favorite shows), I never would have pictured Jamie Foxx in a role like he played in this movie. He is an amazing actor.

Gerard Butler (who has been in like every freaking movie in the last two years) was equally awesome. His character is calculating and very cool. Although, I do think he should do more acting with his shirt off. Shirt on, he is every guy. Shirt off brings the hotness.

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