Monday, March 15, 2010

mashing monday

There were four movies this weekend! Extravaganza! Since there were three, brevity is in order. Here are thoughts about each.

Clash of the Titans (original) - Harry Hamlin was delicious in 1981. Why were there Assyrian (Persian?) statues on the Mount Olympus set?

Role Models - Why is someone else's child cursing so darn amusing to me?

2010 - Effects were good, but the disaster scenes went on a little too long. They could've cut 20 minutes from that movie and it would have been a-ok.

17 Again - It is not conceivable that someone as pretty as Zac Efron would age schlumpily into Matthew Perry. Zac is officially too old/masculine to pass for a 17 year old. He's 22. Grown-up role time, sweetie.

End movie thoughts.

I pushed out my deadline for the book...again. Cue mockery and/or disdain. I read slowly, apparently. All will be well. What is one more week in 4 plus years?

Next weekend, we are heading to the roller derby! Yes, that's right, I'm leaving my giant TV and my recliner office to venture out into the big, bad world. I will try and take some pictures and post them up here on the blog for your viewing enjoyment. I hear tell the match is Star Wars themed.

Also, Cheeseburger Doritos taste like Burger King mustard. Not delicious, yet not repulsive.

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  1. I found the match I attended quite exciting. The Roller Girls rule!


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