Monday, August 29, 2011

things watched this weekend

I had flashbacks of my childhood and teenage years this weekend while watching TV. First up was Peewee's Playhouse on Broadway. I used to watch the show when it was on and revisiting that was surreal.

Peewee was just as funny as always. My 8 year old son thought it was hilarious. There was some really, really adult humor but it was so subtle that he didn't pick up on it. If you haven't caught Peewee on Broadway and you used to love the TV show, you must check it out.

Also in the TV time machine weekend, VH1 was showing In Living Color reruns. That was great. I used to watch that show religiously. I walked into work this morning with the theme song stuck in my head.

On to movies.

I’m doing quickie reviews today because I have two and I don’t want to prattle on all evening.

True Grit. I actually didn't want to see this movie. It's a western, as you probably already know. I expected some long, drawn out drama. Boring.

True Grit wasn't boring at all. It's about Mattie Ross who travels to a town to have her father's body shipped home and stays to hire a man to avenge her father's murder. She is so no-nonsense and intelligent that her dealings with the adults around her come off funny. She runs circles around them.

She hires a man named Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges), who is an alcoholic bumbler but also brilliant in his ways. Matt Damon is LaBoeuf, a Texas Ranger who also happens to be after the same man.

The three of them venture into the wilderness. For most of the trip, it's
Mattie and Rooster. They bond and they argue and fight the bad guys.

True Grit is really entertaining. Don't let the old-timey look deter you from watching it like I almost did. The movie is really, really good. A

Ah, Bradley Cooper. So pretty. In this one, he is Eddie Morra, kind of a loser with an excessively dirty apartment. He claims to have a book contract but he hasn't even written the book. His girlfriend dumps him. He's about to get evicted from his apartment when he runs into his ex brother in law, Vernon.

Vernon hands off a mysterious pill, which Eddie ends up taking. The pill makes him freakishly intelligent. He learns fast, reads fast, and is able to use memories that were buried deep in his brain.

When it wears off, he decides he wants more, of course. He discovers he isn't the only one after the meds. There is a whole mess of trouble for him. Some weirdo keeps following him around. A foreign man he borrowed money from decides that he likes the pills and would like some for himself. There are some rather bad side effects when the pills wear off.

But, there are blessings too. Lots of money. A shiny new job, etc.

Limitless is a roller coaster. One minute Eddie is way up, the next he's down, then he's way up again. This movie was also very good. There is a lot of danger in this lifestyle Eddie chooses. It also gets an A.

Two As!

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