Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Devil, Thy Name is Sugar

I'm about ten pounds over what the BMI chart people refer to as "normal" weight. The situation is frustrating to me because not too long ago, I was in that normal weight range, not too far in but far enough to count.

I've gained the weight mostly due to my laziness when it comes to exercise (and a busy schedule) and, I think, a sugar intake that's too high.

So I'm cutting back on the sugar, which does not make me happy. I like sugar. It makes things taste yummy.

Yesterday I decided to figure out how much sugar a person should have. I really had no idea.

The American Heart Association recommends about 25 grams a day for women and 31 grams a day for men. Let's look at an average day in my food life, shall we?

This is a weekday.
Breakfast bar - 11 grams
Granola bar snack - 11 grams
Cheese sandwich - 5 grams
"Light" yogurt - 11 grams
Ice Cream after dinner (1/2 serving) - 10 grams

I didn't count dinner because it varies too much. Our dinners are usually pretty healthy. Even not counting dinner, that's 48 grams of sugar.

Almost double the RDA.

Weekends are even worse because there's drinking involved.

I'm trying to change up my workday routine to cut out the sugar. I really don't want to cut calories because I don't eat that many. Plus I don't want to be tired all of the time. I have stuff to do. I'm switching the breakfast bar, the granola bar and the yogurt out with less sugary options.

I'm not switching my weekend drinking time out with anything because I don't want to. If that keeps me fatter than I should be, oh well. LOL, that didn't sound lushy at all, did it?

My goal is to fit back into the skinny pants. Hopefully this will work.

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