Thursday, August 25, 2011

don't be lame, homemade butterfinger bars, random word count update

I was reading a blog yesterday. It was actually a guest post on someone else's blog by an author who decided that Smashwords didn't work out for his ebook distribution. His books. His decision. Whatever.

I thought some of the comments that people left were kind of rude. I can understand if people don't agree, but when comments don't contribute to the blog or the conversation, I think not posting them is better. Keeping thoughts inside one's head is ok sometimes.

Anywayz. Check this out. This Momma lady has a video on her blog that shows you how to make homemade Butterfinger bars. AAAAAA!!!! spoiler: one of the ingredients is melted candy corn.

random annabeth 2 word count update: 40867

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