Tuesday, August 2, 2011

profiling the dawg

I thought I would hurry up and profile the dog before we don't have one anymore. She keeps running off, which is really frustrating. Since last week when she was gone 24 hours, she has run off and come back at least 2 more times.

At first, we had her in a collar. Since her neck is fatter than her head, she found a way to get out of it. So we bought her a harness. Now she does this thing where she wraps her line around the deck posts and squirms out of the harness. She's like fricking Houdini out there.

The profile.

Zoe, a mutt, mostly beagle, maybe some corgie. Mostly very rotund from eating food that falls on the floor, except for vegetables which she will not touch. She does a very good Roomba impression.

Also, she often does not smell fresh.

My mom adopted her from the humane society a few years ago. Mom really wanted a cocker spaniel of puppiesh age. She looked at a few shelters if I remember correctly. Then she found Zoe at one of those.

The people who worked there told her that the dog was a puppy (less than 2?) and that she was dominantly a king spaniel. We're pretty sure they lied on both counts. Her vet papers say beagle mix. She has cataracts and spends most of her time lying around like an old dog does.

Mom got another dog a year or two later so she had a pair. She later decided that she no longer wanted Zoe because of the level of attention the dog wants.

The dog loves people! And who can blame her? We're awesome when we want to be. Seriously though, if someone wanted to pet the dog until they rubbed all her fur off, she would be happy to oblige.

We like the dog, so even though we aren't really dog people, we let her live here.

She is quite funny. She sometimes does yoga. Her favorite pose is up dog.

She also enjoys running away on a regular basis and then returning when she gets hungry. She's almost like a self-walking dog, which I'm sure my neighbors do not appreciate when she runs around in their yards. Actually, she might not even do that. I don't know what she does when she runs off.

So that's the dog.
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