Monday, October 26, 2009

jubilation and lamentation

soundtrack of the day - Seal, System
reading - demon book manuscript

The birthday weekend was pretty cool. My husband prepared my requested dinner of steak and pineapple upside down cake with perfection! I got to use the new camera at grandma's giant birthday party. The food for that function was just as good as Friday dinner. I think I probably gained around 5-6 pounds this weekend. I wasn't even hungry this morning, which is weird. There will be much working out and eating lite this week.

The drink of the weekend was a white russian made with raspberry vodka, skim milk instead of cream, and kahlua. LOVE it.

Now for the lamentation. My beloved EnV2 has croaked. Just so you know, if you break your phone in the middle of your contract, Verizon has no love for you. The website informed me of their generous offer to 'allow' me to upgrade for full retail price. Um, gee that's great, thanks. I mean, really? I can't get like fifty bucks off or anything? I've had phone service through them for like, seven years maybe? I didn't want to pay full retail for a new phone, so I hooked up my mother in law's old blackberry. It has no camera, cannot even receive picture messages and is apparently unable to download games and ringtones from verizon's website. Yet somehow, it costs $30 more a month than the service my EnV2. I appreciate the generosity on the part of my mother in law, but I despise this phone. It's an 8703e, in case you were wondering, and it is the least user friendly phone I ever ever seen in my entire life. It is my dream in life to smash this phone into bits and pieces against a wall. Every menu has a submenu. Settings that I should be able to change, I can't. For instance, I can supposedly remove password protection so that I don't have to enter the password every time I pick the damn thing up. It won't let me. That option in that submenu does not function properly. Joy. I have nicknamed it the crapberry. I am turning it off today.

so is my suffering.

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