Monday, October 12, 2009

inane post of the day

on the mp3 player - Killers - Day and Age

This just passed weekend was rife with junk food and lack of working. I attended a wedding in South Bend, which quite a jog from where I live. It was okay but SO long. It was a Catholic wedding. Catholicism is really interesting to me. They have all of these tools and apparently programmed audience responses. The priest would speak and then out of nowhere, the audience would mumble something back to him. A couple of times, he held up a round thing and sort of sang some words. They also had holy water in a dispenser at the back of the church and little plastic flasks if you wanted some holy water to go!!! How awesome is that. It took all I had not to grab some holy water to go. Alas, I wanted it for the wrong reasons. I wanted it for the novelty of having it, not because I actually wanted to use it. And I don't think that keeping it around in case a vampire stops by the house counts as a valid use.

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