Thursday, October 15, 2009

is it Friday yet?

soundtrack of the day - Adele, 19

reading - demon book manuscript

Have you ever gone into something, knowing that it's a mistake but you do it anyway? That's what I'm doing. Generally, when one is editing their own work, distance is imperative. You set it aside for a while to distance yourself from it. It allows you to evaluate it more objectively. I don't have time to do that. I need to finish this draft by the end of this month to leave myself enough time to get the author website going and do some other miscellaneous promotion activities by January. I really like the word miscellaneous, don't I? I used it in the entry for yesterday too.

What I really need is a vacation day. I can sit in my quiet house and read my butt off for hours.

I want to finish this draft before I pick up anything else to read. I have decided what I'm reading next though. I've been thinking a lot about Alfred Hitchcock lately, maybe because it's October. I remember reading his stories as a child but I don't remember much of what I read. I feel like I need to revisit the genius.

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