Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a release date and some story bits

Barring any unforeseen obstacles, such as a computer crash, I should be ready to release the novella on 2/21 It will probably be available as soon as the 20th on Smashwords and the Amazon Kindle store.

Presenting, some cover art.

The head is a jackal. They’re prominent in the story.

What else is in the story? Hmmm…let’s see.

We have Juniper Townsend who dies all too young. She ends up in Limbo.

Limbo is, of course, the borderland between the living world and the super, shiny place to which deserving souls cross over. During the day, Limbo souls wander a foggy wasteland.

During night hours, they appear in the living world. Only other dead people can see them. They are permitted to observe only. Causing trouble of the poltergeist variety is prohibited, as is influencing the destinies of the living.

The do not interfere law is enforced by a creature called a guardian. He looks like a man and travels with a pack of supernatural jackals. His name is Gareth.

That’s all for now, kids. I have some editing tasks to complete.

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