Wednesday, December 8, 2010

various arghs

Today I feel like whining and complaining.

and hence.

Google Books has MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth with my editor/publisher listed as the author. Hell no! I have e-mailed them to change

see the eff up LINK

It is December 8th and I have purchased almost no Christmas gifts! AAAAAAA!!! yes, I am one of those last minute people, apparently. I really don't like buying people gifts because I think I'm not very good at it. When people unwrap the gifts I give them, I sometimes get looks. I try! I really do! oh well.

And it is butt ass cold outside, which is making me not really want to leave my house. I rarely want to leave the house as it is. You add in some single digit temperatures and I am officially in hibernation.

I may be out for the next couple of days. I am still working on the cover art. If I can finish it this weekend, then NEXT weekend, I can get to work on the book trailer.

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