Friday, December 17, 2010

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Ok. I've reached this point in the 2nd AnnaBeth book that I consider the end of Act 1. I had a scene in mind that was always going to be a turning point for the story, but I've decided it's also going to be a major character turning point as well.

In MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth (the first novel), AB is thrown into this new life in which everything from her home to her dating life to the way she interacts with the world around her changes. She discovers what she is capable of on several levels and reacts in ways that a lot of people would probably react.

This second book is different. I'm still relatively new to novel writing. I've never written a sequel before. I started one for Babylon Dragon, but I set it aside. I didn't write enough of it to get to this particular issue in a story.

Anyway, this is me focusing. So AB changes as her environment changes. In the sequel, the environment is already established. The element of discovery is somewhat diminished. There are new characters and new settings, but the world is already built.

Also, at the beginning of the sequel, AnnaBeth is so averse to acting as a fate that she is reluctant to interfere with anything. She has seen that side of her power and really doesn't want anything to do with it.

The turning point of the story needs to do more than take the story in a different direction; it needs to forcibly remove her from this mode of thinking in which she believes she's staying out of trouble.

The sequel begins with several aspects of her life slipping into chaos. Her problems are mounting regardless of what she feels shshould do. I think it's time for AnnaBeth to make some trouble for someone else.

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